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We’re glad you’ve all enjoyed our fabulous recording studio Pop Star Parties – and thank you for the wonderful comments!

Absolutely fantastic experience. My daughter and her friends had the most amazing time. Paul was very professional had a rapport with the girls, making it a really fun experience.Pretty Pink

23rd June 2024

Absolutely outstanding - the girls lived their dream! Thank you for making us all feel so welcome Paul, you are amazing!FLED!

31st May 2024

The best birthday party! The kids had an amazing time and the adults got to enjoy the experience from The Green Room. A huge recommend!! Thank youThe Spark Girls

3rd March 2024

'I was struggling to come up with something special and different for my daughter's 10th birthday party and then came across the Pop Star Party website and it sounded like the perfect option. Paul was warm, welcoming and accommodating from the very first contact and clearly loves what he does. The whole booking process was straightforward and efficient and when I told my daughter what I had planned, her excitement levels were off the scale! On the day of the party Paul was wonderful with my daughter and her friends (8 very excited but slightly nervous girls) and he immediately put them at ease and made them all laugh while he got to know them and explained how the studio session would work. When the girls went into the recording studio we were able to set up party food and cake in the 'Green Room' while watching and listening to them on a TV screen. It was wonderful to see them all laughing and enjoying themselves, and with Paul's encouragement they fully embraced their new girl-band status! They were absolutely buzzing when they came out of the studio and we were all able to enjoy some food and cake while Paul expertly mixed the tracks to produce the final CD for them all. The whole experience was brilliant from start to finish; all the girls had a blast and haven't stopped talking about it since. All the parents loved it too and many are even considering booking grown-up parties to celebrate special birthdays and anniversaries! We loved how different it was to anything we had done before and that we will always be able to play the song and remember how epic her 10th birthday party was - in my daughter's words; 'Mummy, this is the best party you've ever organised!' I would also highly recommend paying extra for the unedited video of the studio session - I was able to send it to the rest of the parents (great for those that weren't in the Green Room) and we all had a proper giggle watching it - a brilliant keepsake and definitely one to drag out at their 18th birthday parties! Thanks so much Paul, we had the best time and will definitely be back!'Girl Squad

16th February 2024

Fabulous! Great party for children who love to sing. Welcoming and great fun. All the children were brought out of their shells so their personalities shone. Wonderful afternoon. Thank you.The Sumo Singers

11th February 2024

Thank you! A wonderful experience - such fun. Brilliantly organised with loads of memorable moments. Can't wait to see the Tilly Leapers reach global fame!The Tilly Leapers

28th January 2024

Fabulous party! Paul interacted with the kids brilliantly! Best party ever! Best day ever! 😉Musical Doughnuts

28th January 2024

Very good party for my 8 year old. They all had a great time and Paul is so patient!Sparkly Crew

13th January 2024

Beautiful, fun and happy experience. So enjoyable, professional whilst being kid friendly. Thank youLuna Lightning

13th January 2024

Loads of fun, the girls thought it was amazing, they sounded brilliant. A great experience to remember. Thank you!The Sonic Sisters

15th December 2023

It was wonderful - the girls had a brilliant experience!The Boba T's

4th November 2023

Absolutely incredible. The girls loved it and was the best party ever!!Little Six

1st November 2023

Fantastic experience today. The girls loved being pop stars, they didn't want the day to end!The Singing Squad

8th October 2023

'We loved it! The best experience and we had a wonderful time recording a song we love. Paul was great fun and made us laugh with the voice changes.' Great experience for six 10 year olds who got to play pop-stars. Thoroughly recommended.Rotten To The Core

1st October 2023

A fabulous couple of hours for the girls! Thank you!The Five

31st August 2023

It was fabulous! Thank you so much - the girls loved it. Would definitely recommendFirefly

22nd April 2023

Absolutely amazing party experience. The girls had a fantastic time and loved having a CD at the end. The adults loved watching how the song was all put together. Would thoroughly recommend.DWEGGS

26th February 2023

AMAZING! We threw some curve balls but Paul went out of his way to accommodate us. My daughter had 'the best birthday party ever!' Great afternoon. We would highly recommend this. Thank you.The Tigers

18th February 2023

Very cool! We had so much fun and have a great memory to keep forever. We will be back. Cool Autotune 😉Ivy & the Rosettes

27th November 2022

Stagecoach South East Training School has got talent!! Thanks to grand master mix Paul! Fantastic and fun experience. Best day ever 🙂Stagecoach South East Training School

14th November 2022


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